Friday, July 24, 2009

WA Vacation Day 11 -- Head Home to AZ

Monday was spent packing and getting ready to head back home before we caught our flight. Due to flying stand-by and full flight loads, we had to fly out of Portland instead of Seattle. We drove up there and checked our bags before going to a local mall to waste time until our flight. We went to a three story mall called Lloyd Center Mall which happened to be across the street from the finish line for the STP. This mall was huge and includes an ice skating rink. We first stopped in Brookstone and spent about a half and hour in the massage chairs. Kind of ghetto but we really enjoyed the free massages!! After that we had some lunch and played cards in the food court while Jarem slept in his stroller. It was a nice, relaxing way to end our vacation.

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Joanna said...

The picture of you in the massage chair reminds me of the picture of you getting that aqua massage in Irvine...remember that?? Haha.