Monday, July 27, 2009

One more view of the STP

So as most people know, my husband is an open and self-proclaimed nerd. Don't get me wrong, he is the cutest nerd I know! But nonetheless, he is a nerd. He cannot do without his tech gadgets and cool toys. (Well, he can but doesn't prefer it.)

Moving on, being the nerd that he is, he found some amazing tools to stay connected while on the long 200 mile ride during the STP. Not only did we have GPS set up between our phones so I could track his process, but he also documented his ride the entire way via Twitter and Facebook. Not only was he sending out updates, but he also found a way to include a link to a map of his location using his phone's GPS signal.

Check out the ride from Eric's point of view and you can see not only the time stamps but also follow along a map to see his travels. This is such a cool way to watch Eric's progress and get his first hand perspective as to what he was experiencing. Enjoy...

-Great easy ride today. Man, riding in Washington is so much more scenic than riding in the desert! The Big ride starts in 3 days!!! 10:57 AM Jul 8th from Tweed

-Driving to Seattle for the big "200 miles in 2 days" ride! Mom and Gary are doing it too! We've all done it once before, back in 1997! 5:50 PM Jul 10th from Tweed

- Night before the big Ride. Amazing wife is putting the baby to sleep so I can eat and focus. Got some nerves! 9:44 PM Jul 10th from Tweed

-Up and ready to head to the start line! Jamie got me an awesome good luck card and J slept through the night so that I could rest up. Gidyup 4:01 AM Jul 11th from Tweed

-At the starting line @ the University of Washington! I hope my butt is ready for this 200 mile kicking. 6:12 AM Jul 11th from Tweed

- mile 22 7:57 AM Jul 11th from Tweed

-Mile 42! Almost half way for the day!!! Only one mishap: hit a bump and my pump started rubbing my wheel! Oops. 9:28 AM Jul 11th from Tweed

-Lunch time! I'm making pretty good time and the weather is great! Hope I can keep pace for the rest of the day. 10:30 AM Jul 11th from Tweed

-4 hours on the road. 70 miles down. Officially the most I've ridden in 12 years (STP 97). Yahoo 12:05 PM Jul 11th from Tweed

- - Bicycles and riders everywhere! 10,000 riders registered for the STP! This is awesome! :15 PM Jul 11th from TwitPic

-Mile 86! Its looking like I'm going to be able to do more than 100 miles today! Will make tomorrow MUCH easier! 1:29 PM Jul 11th from Tweed

-HOLY CRAP!!! 100 miles! I made it half way. Got a creamcicle and I'm about to see my Js!!! 2:34 PM Jul 11th from Tweed

-A couple of gripes: mile 110 unpaved road! Boo! Mile 113-114 UPHILL! Big BOO! LOL. Legs are still kickin' 4:09 PM Jul 11th from Tweed

-Jamie Just picked me up @ mile 117! Not bad for one day on the bicycle. Gunna b sore 2morrow, but only 80 miles thanks 2 todays effort. 5:04 PM Jul 11th from Tweed

-Thanks to everyone who wished me well today and sent me messages. They mean a lot to me and will help me carry on tomorrow. Til then g'night 9:36 PM Jul 11th from Tweed

-Day 2! T-storms and all! Lets roll Oops no cell signal when I started now @ mile 127 7:57 AM Jul 12th from Tweed

-Okay the good news: I'm @ mile 137. The bad news: I'm wet and cold! Only 63 miles to go! Yahoo. 8:43 AM Jul 12th from Tweed

-A little weird... I made it to the lunch stop already. Seems like I just ate breakfast! Good thing I have pockets! Free food! 9:28 AM Jul 12th from Tweed

-Bout to cross the Columbia River to Oregon!!! 10:15 AM Jul 12th from Tweed

- - Boo! Changed a flat tire only to discover that the other was flat too! Only 500 ft. into OR. 10:53 AM Jul 12th from TwitPic

-Both flats fixed (nice guy pulled over and gave me a tire since I only had one) 162 miles down, 40 to go! wooooo! 12:17 PM Jul 12th from Tweed

-Mile 185!!! Almost to Portland! Just got word that my step-dad is really dehydrated and can't finish. Bummer. 2:01 PM Jul 12th from Tweed

-200 miles exactly! 2 miles to go!!! STUCK BEHIND A TRAIN XING! C'mon, I'm almost there! 3:28 PM Jul 12th from Tweed

- - After 200 miles I get stuck at a train xing. I'm only 2 miles from the finish!!! 3:32 PM Jul 12th from TwitPic

- - Who designed this course??? Why do we cross the tracks only to cross them back again? 3:39 PM Jul 12th from TwitPic

-Just got a Post race massage! I did it!!!!!!! Thanks for all of the comments and well wishes over the past 2 days 4:56 PM Jul 12th from Tweed

If you want to follow Eric on Twitter, his name is @Jaremsdad. Thanks again to everyone that sent love, prayers and messages along the way. It was such an amazing experience! We are really excited for the 2010 STP!!!

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