Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Bailey Boys on a Billboard

So I mentioned a while back that Eric and Jarem were going to be on a billboard. Well, it's up! You would not believe the amount of accidents that have happened in front of that billboard from people staring and not watching the road. Well, luckily that's not true. But there has sure been a lot of admirers! MYSELF INCLUDED!! Enjoy some pictures of Jarem and Eric in front of their billboard. I love it!!!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grammy!

For my mom's birthday (August 7th) we decided to go get portraits done of her and her grandbabies. We got all three kiddos ready and were there for some fun! The pictures came out great and are a crack up to look at. In most pictures, at least one of them is making a face or looking off into space. But there were a few really good ones that we ended up deciding on. I think the process of getting the pictures done is the fun part. LOL We also did a party for my mom at my Aunt Stef and Uncle Dale's house with all the family. She is such a good grammy and mommy and we are so lucky to have her close to us. The other part of my mom's present was that we got her tickets to two of her favorite things...Diamondbacks and Mercy Me! This Friday we are doing a girls' night. Jen, my mom and me are going to the Diamondbacks game and have seats in the All You Can Eat section. After the game, there is going to be a Mercy Me concert, too. I am really looking forward to it!! Happy Belated Birthday, Grammy. Love you! ... Full Post...


Okay, no clue what happened to the month of August. I obviously missed it in the blog world. SORRY!! I will begin updating the blog again this week. A preview of what I plan to talk about... real billboard pictures of Jarem and Eric, birthdays galore (including mine!) and of course, JAREM!!! Sorry for being such a slacker lately. Once you see all we have had going on, I hope you can be compassionate about the gap. :) More to come soon... ... Full Post...