Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: King of Pop


We are so sad at the loss of the amazing talented Michael Jackson. We are sending prayers for his children and family. May he rest in peace and know how much he is respected and loved by all his fans.
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Jarem's 1st Official Haircut

Well, last night we gave Jarem his first official haircut. We trimmed the hair on the back of his neck once when he was only a couple of months old but have never cut his hair. Last night we decided to finally make the big cut. We got everything set up in the driveway and got started! Here are some of the before pictures.

Here are some of the during pictures...

Here are some of the after pictures...
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Happy Father's Day!!

We had the best Father’s Day! Eric has been wanting to ride the light rail and we have also been wanting to take Jarem to the Phoenix Children’s Museum. So I got up early and made breakfast for Eric. Jarem got up a little after I did and helped a little, too. While cooking I got a text from Eric saying he had woken up and could smell the sausage. He said, “Let me out of here!” (Cause he was stuck in the bedroom.) Very cute… So Jarem and I went and got Eric out of the bedroom to bring him into the living room. When we walked in Jarem had his Father’s Day shirt on. It said, “My dad deserves a pat on the back.”

When Eric came into the living room I had his sit at the dining room table where his present was waiting. He opened his cards from Jarem and me and then got to see him present. I made Eric a scrapbook. We all three sat at the table and looked through all the pages. It was so nice giving Eric his present! I have been working on it for over a month and have no patience. I so badly wanted to give it to him and show him my progress along the way but he wouldn’t let me. I am horrible with presents. But Eric really liked the scrapbook and all the work I had done on it.

After present time it was feast time! We ate breakfast and let Jarem watch some Baby Einstein, his favorite. After breakfast we all got dressed and ready for our big outing. Jarem, Eric and I were all sick so it was kind of iffy as to whether or not we were going to go. But we decided to brave the day. I’m so happy we did because we had the best day!! Eric and Jarem wore matching outfits from head to toe. They looked so handsome!!!

We drove in to Mesa and parked at the first stop at the end of the light rail. We rode from Mesa, through Tempe and into downtown Phoenix. We loved the ride on the light rail and so did Jarem! He just looked out the windows and was mellow.We were so impressed with how fast the ride was, too. We missed our stop on the way there so we got to walk a few blocks back to the museum. The morning weather was beautiful though and we really enjoyed our time together. When we got there we found out that fathers got in for free so that was nice!

The Phoenix Children’s Museum is SO MUCH FUN!! We spent close to an hour in the first room alone. Jarem and Eric had a blast exploring all the new sights and playing together. I was designated photographer so that they could play all day. We made our way through the museum and can’t say enough how much fun we had! We are planning to make this our Father’s Day tradition from now on. Jarem and Eric decorated Eric's first ever Father's Day tie together. Eric was such a good daddy that he wore it all day and even wore it to church that evening with his dress shirt.

When we left the museum, Jarem was exhausted and zonked out in his stoller as soon as we started walking. We walked about a half a mile to the closest light rail station and only had to wait about five minutes for the next train to come. We got off in Tempe for some lunch and luckily Jarem was still asleep in his stroller. We went to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant and then got some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery before jumping back on the light rail. Jarem stayed asleep through our entire Tempe excursion and didn’t wake up until we put him in the car at the end of the day. He really was tired from all that playing with daddy!!

That evening we went to church and then headed home for some dinner. Jarem spiked a little fever that evening and literally passed out while cuddling with Eric. He was so incredibly tired that he fell asleep with his legs hanging off the couch. Eric was happy that he could cuddle with Jarem when he was feeling sick and help to keep him comfortable. My cute cuddly boys...

We love our life with Jarem in it and are so thankful that we get these special days to celebrate dads. Eric is an amazing daddy and teaches Jarem so much. He makes Jarem laugh harder and louder than anyone else. I love seeing them together and am so appreciative of all that Eric does. He is the best father, husband and partner in life. Happy Father’s Day, Eric! We love you!!

Jarem playing at the Children's Museum.
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Cat nap

This past Saturday Jarem was playing with his best friends, Fergie and B. Fergie and Jarem get along so well. Fergie lets him pet her, pull her, hit her and chase her. B is pretty scared of Jarem (with good reason) and usually just runs away and plays hard to get. We have these grass things used for decorating and we let Jarem hold one when he walks. Fergie loves to play with it and chases him around the house. It is so cute to watch them walk around together and play. They are definitely going to be good buds. Maybe as he learns to get softer with the cats he and B can form a closer friendship, too.

After playing together all afternoon our kitties were so tuckered out. They passed out while cuddling on the couch. SO CUTE!!

While taking pictures of our cuddling cats I woke them and Fergie found Jarem also napping on the floor.She so badly wanted to cuddle with him but we didn’t want her to wake him so we had her lay off the blanket but still close. They passed out together and took a great afternoon cat nap together.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures, as promised.

Beautiful brown eyes!
Jarem just barely fits under our table. He loves pushing all the chairs out then walking under the table.
Playing with daddy...
Jumping on the back of the recliner.
Silly face!
Crawling race with daddy. (Jarem won! hehe)
Upside down boy.
" I know an old lady that swallowed a spider, that wriggled and jiggled and wiggled inside her." We sing that while tickling his belly. He loves it!
Look at all those beautiful teeth! Two silly boys.
Happy in his highchair.
Not one cell phone, but two.
Ojitos!! Y dientes...
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