Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phoenix Zoo poster boys? Nah, think BIGGER!

Last Wednesday, Jarem got to go to work with Eric for the morning. He had so much fun playing with daddy that he slept for three hours at daycare when they finally woke him. He was SO TIRED but had an amazing morning. Eric received an email from the Education team at the Zoo asking that parents with children under the age of two bring them in for the morning. So Eric brought Jarem in and they got to feed all kinds of animals and pose for pictures together. Eric was so proud to have Jarem at work with him and see how big Jarem is getting. Jarem did great with feeding all the animals and was quite independent. Eric brought our camera and got some good pictures, too. But on Monday Eric heard from the marketing team that they really liked one picture in particular of Jarem and Eric and asked if they could use it for one of their billboards. SO COOL!!! Eric's answer was of course YES!! The billboard is already in production and will be installed as soon as possible. We'll keep you posted with the exact location as soon as it gets put up. It's scheduled to go on one of the faces of the Zoo's double sided billboards that are technically on the Zoo property off Van Buren. Here's a preview of what the billboard will look like. What handsome boys!!!

Here are some of the pictures that Eric took from that day, too.
Jarem got a little scared of the goats at first because there were so many of them. But he got used to them.
Once he got used to them, he thought they were dogs. So Jarem would put his arm out and tell them down. It was so cute!
Hanging out with the turkey. (Check out the video at the bottom.)
Yelling through the fence. He was being a crazy boy at this point but I think this picture is so funny!
More yelling. haha
Jarem wasn't at all interested in feeding them. But he was such a big boy and sat there all by himself.
Daddy tried to help J feed them but no luck.
Mr. Independent sitting all by himself. :)
Trying to feed the horse.
A little more yelling... haha
Jarem was so good with all the animals! Eric taught Jarem to put his arm out with his palm up and Jarem did it all day with the animals. He was a very good boy...
More attempts to feed the horse.
Look, dad, I listened! Palm up and arm out!
Handsome boy!
Playing with the lettuce.
Our little John Deere tractor boy.
Can I borrow your sombrero?
So happy with anything that has a steering wheel.
This is daddy daycare! Eric got an extra keyboard and let J pound all over it while Eric got a little work done. Eric's little nerd in training!

Here's a video of Jarem with the turkey.

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