Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bellagio Hotel

I have been a part of the United Way steering commitee again this year for US Airways. What that basically means is that I am part of a team of about 6-10 loyal members of employees who volunteer extra time and come up with ideas for fundraising and getting our employees involved here in the Hangar in PHX for US Airways. We've had our most successful year yet! We've perfected ideas from past years and also come up with new ideas that have been a hit! Here are some of the events we have had over the past month: Jet Pull, Hot Dog Eating Contest, Bake Sale, Breakfast at your Desk, Silent Auction, Early Bird Raffle, Happy Hour at your Desk and the 1st Annual Putt Putt Golf tournament
The Golf tournament was such a hit!! The idea was to assign 18 departments a hole, their par number and a theme. From there it was up to each department to design and create a miniature golf hole to be a part of the course. Not only was it cool because Doug Parker golfer along with other officers from US Airways, but it was also cool because the departments completely got into it.

We decided the overall theme for the tournament would be Las Vegas. Departments were assigned hotels and places from Las Vegas to use as their theme for their hole. My department was assigned the Bellagio. Luckily, when Eric and I were first dating his family did a trip to Las Vegas and we spent a lot of time walking around the Bellagio on one of our sight-seeing excursions. I headed up my department's planning, design and execution for the hole.

We got third place in the overall competition and were beat by some truly awesome holes. The first place team, Treasure Island, actually turned a desk into a boat and did an amazing job in decorating and carrying the Pirate theme throughout. The second place team was the Hoover Damn and they actually had a pump with water and a replica of the damn for the ball to play on. Very cool...

Enjoy my miniature tour of the Bellagio hotel in Phoenix. I took about 15 hours to actually hang and decorate everything. I hope you like...
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We can't get over how big baby Jarem is getting...

Hi daddy! I see you...

I've got my eye on you...
See my cute puppy dog eyes? Don't you want to pick me up??
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are you Kidding me?!


What a cute kid!!!! Jamie just got baby J a ball cap. Look at how cute my boy is!!! Sorry, I've always wanted to say that, 'my boy'. And now that he's got a cap, I can say it! Thanks babe. Oh, and yes, that is drool on his side! ... Full Post...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Weird naps

Today was full of weird naps for Jarem. When I first got to daycare Jarem's teacher Miss Jamie told me that Jarem fell asleep on the tile while hugging an elephant. She snapped two pictures with her cell phone and texted them to me. Sorry for the poor picture quality.After picking Jarem up from daycare, Grammy, Jarem and I were headed home. Poor Eric had to work late tonight so Grammy was going to bring Jarem and me home. Well while on the freeway we got a flat tire. BUMMER! We immediately took Jarem out of the car and hiked up the shoulder to get away from the car. Well at first Jarem LOVED IT! He loved all the noises and watching the cars pass. It was amazing how amused he was by the whole thing. The wonder wore off after about 10 minutes though and he fell asleep on Grammy's shoulder on the shoulder of the freeway. Talk about the weirdest place to nap--ON THE SIDE OF THE FREEWAY
In any case, four new tires later and 4 hours later we got home. Jarem was such a good boy and really is the best baby. He slept through most of the ordeal and just went with the flow. We walked to Denny's from Discount Tire and had dinner there. He was so happy and making so much noise that almost the entire restaurant was in smiles watching him play and shriek. We are so lucky to have Jarem in our lives. He brings us so much happiness and love. Even during a hairy mess (flat tire) he still found a way to keep mommy and Grammy happy and grateful that we got through the whole thing safely.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Oh My Goodness I LOVE my wife! She has been working nearly every day for the past 3 or 4 months to help my mom get a house down here in the AZ... My mom's and gary's visit this weekend was a multi-purpose trip, visit BabyJ, celebrate my B-Day and check out some houses. Well they found a house and loved it... a few minsutes before my party they put in an offer AND today, their offer went through!!!!

There will be more details to come, but I just wanted to share my excitement with the world!

I'll work on more pictures too!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

6 Months

So our beloved baby Jarem is 6 months old!!! Holy smokes, where has the time gone? Oh yeah, into loving our boy! You know, everyone said, "enjoy the time, because it goes fast" and I believe them 100%. We're doing our best to document as much as possible from our life, so that when our memory gaps start to become more frequent, we'll be able to look back and be reminded of how wonderful our life really is.

Here are a couple of videos from Jarem's 6 month check up. The first one is hilarious... all of the Doctors and Nurses were just Gushing over him... who wouldn't right? The second one is us waiting for the nurse to come back. What do we do? We play of course. Check out the videos after the jump.

So here are the important details. Baby J is 19 lbs 7 ozs, 27" long. Both of those figures are in the 90th percentile for his age. Dr. Sudah said that he's a perfect square! To which mommy said, yeah but he's ANYTHING but boring!


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Monday, November 3, 2008


I am profoundly saddened by the news that Barack Obama's grandmother passed away today. On the eve of potentially what would be the proudest moment for any grandparent.

I can't believe it and while I know that everything happens for a reason, I just can't stop myself from thinking about how unfair it is.

To all of our grandparents, if you're reading this, I want to let you know that Jamie, Jarem and I will give you many reasons to be proud of us.

Thank you for being such wonderful influences in our life.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Immitate Daddy's laugh

So just a couple notes about the attached video. So many people have asked us this so I guess I should write about it. We haven't cut Jarem's hair lately. It is honestly just falling out at rapid pace. His crib sheet and car seat have hair all over them. He's shedding his baby hair. We'll see what his new head of hair looks like in a couple months I guess.

Secondly, Jarem loves to immitate laughing. If you laugh at him he chuckles back. It's so cute! His favorite person to immitate is daddy. They love laughing back and forth at eachother. It's so cute!! Jarem is definitely finding his voice and becoming a lot more vocal. He is growing up so fast! He watches the cats and gets so excited when they walk close to him. Jarem also loves to watch TV. We have to be careful cause it will be on in the background and he'll just stare at it and hone in on the screen. He just cracks us up. Enjoy his big belly in this video
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